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[2014-9-3] Exquisite metal gifts more popular
With the convening of various kinds of exhibition, the exquisite workmanship on the market, exquisite metal gift ushered in a new round of the sales boom. Some foreign exhibitors and visitors of foreign businessmen, see the distinctive gift fondle admiringly hardware, have favored Canada, have purchased as gifts for friends and family.

[2014-9-3] China Auto Sales up 17% in first half year
China saw a slowdown in auto sales growth in the first half of 2008, due largely to increasing gas prices and looming restrictions on vehicle operation for better air quality during the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

[2014-9-3] African Hardware industry boom up
H.E. Mr. John Davies, the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, was pleased with foresight and wisdom of Jadwa Investment in seeing the brighter side of African countries and with the introduction of the Jadwa Africa Equity Freestyle Fund.

[2014-9-3] wheels and tires extend work on nickel alloys
Developed for the VIPER grinding of nickel alloys, wheels and tires have a porous bond system is capable of absorbing high dynamic loads and increase the number of parts ground/wheel by 30%

[2014-9-3] Chiese hardware export & import in the first quarter
According to Customers’ statistics, the export value of hardware reaches 4.723 billion USD in the first quarter of 2008, with 2.9% year-on-year increase; 1.592 billion USD in March, up 31.1%.

[2014-9-3] China leads the world in nonferrous cutting tools output
The output of ten types of nonferrous cutting tools - topping 20 million tons for the first time - reached 23.6052 million tons with an increase of 23.44%. China's output ranks first in the world for the sixth consecutive year, according to the news report from the press conference held by the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association on March 25, 2008.

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