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[2014-9-3] African Hardware industry boom up

H.E. Mr. John Davies, the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, was pleased with foresight and wisdom of Jadwa Investment in seeing the brighter side of African countries and with the introduction of the Jadwa Africa Equity Freestyle Fund.

He said, 'Last year, five out of top ten fastest growing economies of the world were from Africa, which itself proves a lot. I believe that this Fund will lead to more exciting opportunities for investors who are always seeking to enhance their returns.'

The highlight of the evening was an impressive presentation titled 'The African Sun Is Rising' by Dr. Michael Power, Chief Strategist at Investec Asset Management, highlighting how Africa’s relative value in the world is rising.

Dr. Power said that, since 2000, the real GDP of Africa has been growing at an average rate of 5.8% compared to the world real GDP growth of 4%.

He presented compelling evidence that, contrary to its perception in the market, the reality of Africa today is vastly superior due to its ever improving political framework and reduced incidence of conflict.

In response to a question, Dr. Power mentioned that historically for the last 2 to 3 years markets have averaged returns of around 35% per annum, which is exceptional, however, he would be very disappointed if the fund could not return an average of 20% per annum over the next five years.

In addition, Dr. Power drew investors’ attention to the important fact that a number of African markets have provided some of the world’s strongest returns over the past three years, despite being perceived as historically too risky.

'Africa is connecting well with the world to benefit from globalization and that the African markets are deepening and choices are widening for investors.'

He said and added, 'If we believe in China and it is expected to be the world largest economy by 2030, then it is not without reason that Africa is now China’s fastest growing investment destination.'

Mr. Fadi Tabbara, Jadwa’s Head of Asset Management and Chief Investment Officer, summed it up simply by saying 'this event was aimed to improve awareness amongst investors and simplify the investment mystery of the African Black Box'.

He also added 'Jadwa will continue to offer unique products just as we have offered the first Multi Manager Shariah compliant Funds, the first Global Sukuk Fund and we are now exploring Africa and much more to come.


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